The Math for Complainer Cost Calculator:

In the survey, 45.8 percent of the respondents reported that Complainers take up 3 to 6 hours of their workweek, and another 31.1 percent reported that they take up more than 6 hours per week. Within these totals, 2.1 percent actually reported that Complainers consume more than 20 hours of their time during their workweek. In other words, over 77 percent (45.4% + 31.7% =77.1%) of the survey respondents reported a minimum of 3 to 6 hours per week being wasted.

According to the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics' report "Employer Costs for Employee Compensation-June 2012" the average cost for a private industry company worker is $28.80 per hour, for state and local government workers, $41.10 per hour, and the total for civilian workers, which includes private industry and government workers, $30.61 per hour (benefits are approximately 30 percent of these costs); The U.S. Worker calculation was derived from using $28.20 (the lowest average hourly wage of U.S. workers) multiplied by three hours a week (the lowest amount of hours reported wasted by 77% of survey participants) multiplied by 77% of 155,696,000 (US employed workers according to the US Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics on November 2, 2012) for a total of $10,142,348,832 wasted time per week and multiplied by 50 work weeks in a year is $507,117,441,600 of wasted time per year.